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We are self-organising, cross-functional teams that focus on involving clients to deliver high-quality products.


We appreciate and promote innovative thinking and problem-solving. At ATSI S.A., we offer you a chance to fulfil your potential by designing and developing innovative first-class software.


The software we develop is carefully tested to meet our quality standards and comply with industry best practices.


You can take part in the software development process from the idea to implementation – working at ATSI S.A., you can participate in all stages of the product development and have a real influence over its final form.

About us


The entertainment market is one of the fastest growing business sectors. Being successful in this field depends on the ability to leverage the opportunities offered by the IT industry, and to identify and adapt to changing conditions. Since a presence in the world of entertainment requires a dynamic response to customer needs, only a creative approach to new technological solutions can guarantee success.

This is where we come in – ATSI S.A. (Advanced Technology Systems International) – a team of 300 professionals. We design and develop software related to the electronic entertainment market. The primary statutory activity of our company is to provide innovative and competitive software solutions.

What motivates us?

First of all, competitiveness and high quality of delivered products. Our efficient and innovative approach to the assigned tasks, perfected throughout many years of our presence on the market, has allowed us to elaborate a comprehensive system of developing and delivering products based on the Agile software development.

How do we achieve our goals?

Continued investment in the professional development of our employees allows us to maintain flexibility and an effective structure, which motivates us to face new challenges. ATSI S.A. constantly strives to improve its development processes, and is always eager to undertake new business goals.

ATSI S.A. and NOVOMATIC Group of Companies

We work for the best. We form an integral part of the research and development department of NOVOMATIC Group of Companies – a major player on the global entertainment market. ATSI S.A. supports NOVOMATIC on every level of software development. Our objective is to offer a wide range of high-quality products, and to respond timely to requirements put forward by the Austrian corporation.

Managing board

Adam Fabrycy

Adam Fabrycy

Adam Fabrycy, born in 1959, has been working for NOVOMATIC Group of Companies since 1991. Since 2011, he has been the Member of the ATSI S.A. Board. As a Vice President of the Board of PRU Filmotechnika Sp. z o.o., he has a long-term experience with operating activities of NOVOMATIC Group of Companies, mostly in terms of organising a network of business units in Poland.

He also holds positions in the Boards of the following companies:

  • ATT S.A.
  • FGT S.A.
  • OTT S.A.

He cooperates with Estrada Polska Sp. z o.o.

Thanks to the long-term practice, Adam Fabrycy has a broad knowledge of the gaming industry in the Polish market.

Privately, he is passionate about music (mainly jazz and classical music), books and travelling. He is keen on the history of Kraków, recreational cycling and swimming. He is also an enthusiast of the beagle breed of dogs.

Rafał HędrzakRafał Hędrzak

Rafał Hędrzak

Rafał Hędrzak, born in 1966, a graduate of AGH University of Science and Technology, has been working for NOVOMATIC Group of Companies since 2013. Since 2014, he has been the Member of the ATSI S.A. Board. Having a long-term experience in trade, production management and marketing departments of large companies, he has undertaken the coordination of ATSI S.A. operations, setting it on a new course.

Apart from working at ATSI S.A., Rafał Hędrzak is the Managing Director of FORTRESS Gaming Technologies S.A.

Privately, he is keen on modern technologies and passionate about motorcycle trips throughout Europe. He enjoys playing bridge and reading literature with elements of contemporary history. Recreationally, he plays tennis, skies and sails.


ATSI S.A. – Advanced Technology Systems International – was established in 1997. The company co-founder and the first CEO was Professor Jan Werewka. Initially, ATSI was located in the Kraków city centre. In 2000, the premises were moved to Zabierzów. Due to the rapid growth, in the period from 2011 to 2015, some projects were also developed in Kraków Business Park, and since July 2015 they have been moved to a new location – an office space in Kątowa Street, also in Zabierzów.

The company evolves constantly and currently we employ about 300 professionals from different fields – such as architects, developers, testers or designers. Working in accordance with the objectives of Agile methodologies such as Scrum or Kanban, we develop multimedia software based on large-scale distributed systems using the latest technology.

Our efforts were awarded with the Gepard Biznesu award in 2010 and the Gazele Biznesu award in three editions (2009, 2011 and 2014). In 2014, we took first place in the prestigious Forbes Diamonds ranking in the category of small businesses in Małopolska.


Since its founding, ATSI S.A. has been a partner of the Austrian company – NOVOMATIC Group of Companies. NOVOMATIC was established in 1980 by the entrepreneur Johann F. Graf, and over the years it has grown into a large corporation with a global reach.

The company's main activities include the manufacturing and distribution of gaming machines and casino equipment, and the development of software – games and casino management systems and applications.

NOVOMATIC maintains research and development centres as well as production facilities in Germany, the Czech Republic, Great Britain, Poland, and Hungary. Since the beginning, the company has placed emphasis on the development and implementation of new technologies, which allows it to retain a strong position on the very competitve market.

In addition, NOVOMATIC operates casinos, bingo parlors, and lotteries. One of its subsidiaries is well-known Admiral.

The Group's headquarters is located in an illustrious town of Gumpoldskirchen not far from Vienna. The town is famous for its wine.

NOVOMATIC Group of Companies currently employs 20000 staff members globally, and generates an annual revenue of over 3.5 billion euros. It continues to expand to new markets and to reinforce its position on existing ones, for example through the acquisition of local companies.

Main markets: member states of the EU, Central European, East European, and South-eastern European countries, and emerging markets in Asia and Latin America.

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